Milagro TLS Library

Milagro TLS is a pairing-based transport layer security library that enables encrypted connections with perfect forward secrecy between mobile applications or IoT devices and backend service infrastructures, without the need for certificates or PKI.

Milagro TLS delivers two new cipher suites that provides perfectly forward secure authenticated key agreement, without the need for certificate processing, for each session, between client and server or peer to peer.

Milagro TLS is a standalone library that uses Milagro Crypto Library as its cryptographic service provider, resulting in an implementation that is lean, yet performant enough to run in constrained environments found in many IoT devices.

Read the Milagro TLS White Paper and get the code on GitHub.


Source code will be pushed live soon, and you will be able to find all updates and release notes here. In the meantime, please see the useful links below:

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