Milagro Multi-Factor Authentication

Milagro Multi-Factor Authentication provides a drop-in replacement for password-based authentication that is applicable to any online system or service. Milagro MFA leverages the Milagro pairing-based cryptosystem and identity based cryptography to fix the fundamental design flaws that affect PKI and two-factor authentication platforms.

Milagro MFA eliminates the threat of password database breaches entirely since no authentication credentials are stored thanks to its use of zero knowledge proof protocols. Milagro MFA provides a better user authentication experience since it removes password entry and complex workflows.

Milagro MFA delivers two-factor authentication ‘out-of-the-box’, and can be extended to any number of factors, such as biometrics. Milagro MFA clients are software based, so it can be run in any modern web browser, embedded into mobile apps or Internet of things devices.

Read the Milagro MFA Overview and get the code on GitHub.


Source code will be pushed live soon, and you will be able to find all updates and release notes here. In the meantime, please see the useful links below:

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